Richard Norton geekatwork New Zealand Projects based on C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, and their associated technologies.

geekatwork/chrome-extension_stuff-helper 1

Chrome extension to remove adds, paid content, and more from the Stuff NZ site

geekatwork/Active-Directory-and-Active-Directory-B2C-Community-Samples 0

A page for the community to post samples that use Azure AD or Azure AD B2C for authentication.

geekatwork/active-directory-b2c-custom-policy-starterpack 0

Azure AD B2C now allows uploading of a Custom Policy which allows full control and customization of the Identity Experience Framework

geekatwork/appcenter 0

Central repository for App Center open source resources and planning.

geekatwork/azure-docs 0

Open source documentation of Microsoft Azure

geekatwork/chrome-extension_herald-helper 0

Chrome extension to remove adds, paid content, and more from the Herald NZ site

geekatwork/chrome-extension_seek-helper 0

Chrome extension to add functionality from the Seek Australia site

geekatwork/essential-ui-kit-for-xamarin.forms 0

Free and beautiful XAML template pages for Xamarin.Forms apps.

geekatwork/gitignore 0

A collection of useful .gitignore templates

geekatwork/groundwork 0

Say hello to responsive design made easy.