gallizoltan/usercount 11

User statistics bot for Mastodon

gallizoltan/rebalance 1

Rebalancing Lightning Network Channels via Circular Payments

gallizoltan/clientside-html-password 0

Password protect an HTML page in JavaScript

gallizoltan/jasper2 0

Full-featured Jekyll port of Ghost's default theme Casper v2 👻

gallizoltan/joinmarket-clientserver 0

Joinmarket refactored to separate client and backend operations

gallizoltan/lightning 0

c-lightning — a Lightning Network implementation in C

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Jekyll Template - Mediumish

gallizoltan/plugins 0

Community curated plugins for c-lightning

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A multipurpose one page Bootstrap theme created by Start Bootstrap

fork shesek/descriptor-wallet

Library for building descriptor-based bitcoin wallets

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created repositoryapoelstra/filterscreen

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created repositoryre-vault/coordinator

The synchronisation server, a convenient mean to avoid direct connections between participants

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fork jimmysong/bip39-solver-server

A server to orchestrate the distribution of work when solving for a BIP39 mnemonic

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fork jimmysong/bip39-solver-gpu

Brute force BIP-39 Mnemonic using GPU

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fork greenaddress/esp-idf

Espressif IoT Development Framework. Official development framework for ESP32.

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fork greenaddress/qemu_esp32

Add tensilica esp32 cpu and a board to qemu and dump the rom to learn more about esp-idf

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fork randommm/docker-spark

Apache Spark docker image

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issue commentkeybase/warpwallet

Segwit support?

@dabura667 is 100% correct.

There is no standardized methodology for encoding script type into WIF keys.

Not to mention keybase and all of its cryptocurrency focused projects are dead. So arguing anything is a moot point tbh.


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issue commentkeybase/warpwallet

Segwit support?

Just went quickly through the code and I fear that a simple change in the source code isn't enough. Huge parts need to be changed due to the reasons mentioned above.

It's a pity...


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created repositoryBlockstream/blind_pin_server

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created repositoryBlockstream/Jade

Jade hardware wallet

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fork apoelstra/rust-miniscript

Support for Miniscript and Output Descriptors for rust-bitcoin

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created repositoryapoelstra/xmonad-config

my xmonad config

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my xmonad confi

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created repositoryapoelstra/rsgit

Various utilities for git repo management

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