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Gabriel Davini gabrielo77 Rosario

sebastiken/l10n-argentina 1

Odoo modules for Argentina

gabrielo77/dokku-wkhtmltopdf 0

Installs the wkhtmltopdf in the dokku-managed docker container

gabrielo77/fades 0

FAst DEpendencies for Scripts

gabrielo77/Grooveshark 0

A simple python wrapper for interacting with the grooveshark api

gabrielo77/grooveshark-1 0 unofficial API library

gabrielo77/hr 0

Odoo Human Resources Addons

gabrielo77/Jasperreports_odoo 0

Jasper Reports Engine for Odoo

gabrielo77/jrxml-amender 0

a simple script to amend compatibility issues between newest versions of JaspersoftStudio or iReport and Odoo/OpenERP jasper_reports moudule