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functino/drone-browser 105

Remote control your ar-drone 2 via your browser

functino/reveal.js-wave-plugin 25

A Plugin for reveal.js to use your webcam and waving/a swipe to advance trhough your slides

functino/buzz-buzzers 12

Easily use the wireless Sony Buzz Buzzers via node.js

holidaycheck/tech-blog 9

HolidayCheckers blogging about things they care about

functino/reveal.js-gamepad-plugin 6

Use your gamepad (XBOX, PS3, ....) to remote control your presentations

functino/Moodle-Mindmap-Module 5

A simple mindmap module for moodle

functino/Mindmap-Editor 3

View/Edit component of the moodle mindmap module

functino/shareveal.js 3

Shareveal.js uses reveal.js and faye to make it possible to share a presentation with all your attendees.

functino/Ekpenso 2

A website to create/edit/share Mindmaps. Formerly known as

functino/ar-drone-browser 1

Using faye and felixge's node-ar-drone to fly an ar drone 2.0