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Fabian Stiewitz fstiewitz Universität des Saarlandes Neunkirchen, SL, Germany Just a student with too much free time

fstiewitz/build-tools-cpp 31

Build your projects in atom

aminya/package-switch 24

Easy package activation/deactivation

fstiewitz/break-time 3

Reminds/Forces you to take a break

fstiewitz/keybinding-mode 2

Advanced keybinding management in Atom

fstiewitz/regex-tester 2

Test Javascript regular expressions in Atom

fstiewitz/build-tools-ant 1

Execute targets from apache ant config files

fstiewitz/ex_gemini 1

Gemini Server implementation in Elixir

fstiewitz/libgenconfig 1

Small C parser for simple config files

fstiewitz/libnss_log 1

Logging NSS hosts requests

basitrehman/DVD-Verwaltung 0