frogcjn/AdaptivePopover_iOS8_Swift 26

Adaptive Popover using UIPopoverPresentationController, which is new feature in iOS8

frogcjn/UICollectionView-Move-Drag-Item-iOS9 23

This sample code shows how to use official API to move/drag item in collection, which is new feature in iOS9.

frogcjn/OffsetIndexableCollection-String-Int-Indexable- 5

OffsetIndexableCollection (String Int Indexable)

frogcjn/iPhoneX-Lock-Home-Indicator 4

This is an example for demoing how to use official API of edge protection to lock the home indicator for games and special apps.

frogcjn/vscode-ReactNative-HelloWorld 4

This is the hello world project for using React Native in Visual Studio Code

frogcjn/ImageIOPlus 2

ImageIOPlus Swift Package

frogcjn/ArrayProtocol-ArrayWrapper 1

This repo contains the ArrayLikeProtocol and ArrayProtocol, and an ArrayWrapper to emulate the Array in Swift. Thus you can subclass an "Array" easily.

frogcjn/vscode-react-native 1

vscode extension for react native

frogcjn/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.