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Erin Corson frodopwns @movableink United States

frodopwns/drusible 2

A Drupal development environment built with Vagrant and Ansible

frodopwns/helm-ui 1

Nothing to see here

bkahl/kahlcorcom 0

personal website

frodopwns/ansible-tuto 0

Ansible tutorial

frodopwns/argotest 0

some trivial manifests to test argo stuff

frodopwns/assertpy 0

Dead simple assertion framework for unit testing in python with a fluent API

frodopwns/azure-service-operator 0

Azure Service Operator allows you to create Azure resources using kubectl

frodopwns/bbdocs 0

Historical documentation for buildbot

frodopwns/bedrock 0

Automation for Production Kubernetes Clusters with a GitOps Workflow

frodopwns/bedrock-test 0

running through bedrock tutorial