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Peter Balazs frikille @flowyltd London

frikille/aws-lambda-fastify 0

Insipired by aws-serverless-express to work with Fastify with inject functionality.

frikille/bbUI.js 0

BlackBerry UI look and feel JavaScript toolkit for WebWorks

frikille/fastify 0

Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js

frikille/fastify-accepts 0

Add accepts parser to fastify

frikille/fastify-accepts-serializer 0

Serializer according to the accept header

frikille/fastify-autoload 0

Require all plugins in a directory

frikille/fastify-caching 0

A Fastify plugin to facilitate working with cache headers

frikille/fastify-circuit-breaker 0

A low overhead circuit breaker for your routes

frikille/fastify-cli 0

Run a Fastify application with one command!

frikille/fastify-cookie 0

A Fastify plugin to add cookies support


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