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[android][lib] The DroidAppRater is an Android library project for an app rater component that will help you getting better reviews on the Google Play Store.

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Challenge the ecosystem

friederikewild/demoGlideTransformations 1

[android][demo] Demonstration of using Glide transformations including making rounded corners plus a border

friederikewild/DroidCustomFont 1

[android][lib] The DroidCustomFont is an Android library project that provides simple view elements that allow the simple usage of different cutom fonts.

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[website][jekyll] This is the source code for

friederikewild/nomnom 1

[android][demo] NomNom is a small Android app using the Google Places API to show nearby restaurants.

friederikewild/demoFruitViewer 0

[android][demo] Android demo showing fruit fact cards. The app showcases usage of MVP + Clean Architecture combined with rxJava. The look follows the Material Design Guidelines with usage of cards and material system icons.

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[android][demo] Demonstration of using and styling latest material components

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[android][demo] Demonstration of styling Android components / setup a minimal project style set

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[android][lib] The DroidLogger is an Android library project to simplify and wrap logging and create string representations of any objects on Android.

issue commentjimkyndemeyer/js-graphql-intellij-plugin

"Unknown field" - does not resolve to a valid schema type (New in plugin version 2.5)

@jimkyndemeyer Sorry for not getting back earlier. Missed the notifications. I just had a look at our production API schema.json and following the comment from @ErikRtvl I think these first few lines might be the issue when using the latest plugin version? I have no way of changing these & only have one big production project, but hope this might help:

  "__schema": {
    "queryType": {
      "name": "Query"
    "mutationType": {
      "name": "Mutation"
    "subscriptionType": {
      "name": "Subscription"
    "types": [
        "kind": "OBJECT",
        "name": "Query",
        "description": "",
        "fields": [

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issue openedjimkyndemeyer/js-graphql-intellij-plugin

"Unknown field" - does not resolve to a valid schema type (New in plugin version 2.5)

Describe the bug

  • Started to notice after update of the js-graphql plugin to version 2.5 (and Android studio to 4.0)
  • Viewing our file with grapql queries now all requested fields are red and on hovering show error "Unknown field"
  • No auto-suggestion when typing
  • But: Can still run queries against our Graphql endpoint
  • When installing the previous plugin version 2.4: All works fine with auto-suggestion and no red errors

To Reproduce

  • Sorry I'm only having a full production API graqhql, but here is the condensed definition related to the screenshots - maybe something to do with the extra defined type?
   first: Int
): StudioConnection!

type StudioConnection {
  edges: [StudioEdge!]
  pageInfo: PageInfo!
  totalCount: Int!

I really hope this helps. If not I can try to workout a simple demo project, but will take me longer

Expected behavior

  • No errors shown in graphql file
  • When typing after a query: get suggestions for the available fields


Using version 2.5:

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 15 48 42

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 15 51 06

Using version 2.4:

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 15 53 14

Version and Environment Details Operation system: macOS IDE name and version: Android Studio 4.0 Plugin version: 2.5

Additional context

  • Couldn't find any open issue that sounded like mine, but also mentions something broken in 2.5 and working on 2.4 - not sure if related?

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issue commentFugiman/google-meet-grid-view

Grid View Broke/Not working

Got version 1.36 on Chrome automatically and magically got a grid again 🙏 🎉 Thanks for fixing


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issue commentIterable/iterable-android-sdk

Warning log using string resource as iterable_notification_channel_name: expected String

Hi @Ayyanchira Thanks for your message. Sorry, didn't get back to checking earlier. I can confirm that I had indeed set it to VERBOSE. Since the error was printed with log level "WARNING", I didn't think it would make a difference which config I have.

I know tested it without setting anything - in this case I can confirm, that I no longer see the above warning. However, I still get some logs with tag V/Iterable Call: from the IterableInAppManager - which also seems wrong, given that you stated that the default should only log errors?

But as to my original issue, feel free to close it as it seems to just be a confusing log level


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issue openedIterable/iterable-android-sdk

Warning log using string resource as iterable_notification_channel_name: expected String

Small request - nothing seems broken, but the warning log sounds alarming and might be confusing to others.

We are using a string resource to provide the channel name per documentation. Not sure why it needs to print a warning when afterwards it actually works and logs the correct resolved string as well as showing it in the app settings.


            android:resource="@string/notification_channel_name" />


<string name="notification_channel_name">All notifications</string>

Warning logs as well as iterable happy log:

W/Bundle: Key iterable_notification_channel_name expected String but value was a java.lang.Integer.  The default value <null> was returned.
W/Bundle: Attempt to cast generated internal exception:
    java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.String
        at android.os.BaseBundle.getString(
        at com.iterable.iterableapi.IterableNotificationHelper$IterableNotificationHelperImpl.getChannelName(
        at com.iterable.iterableapi.IterableNotificationHelper$IterableNotificationHelperImpl.createNotification(
        at com.iterable.iterableapi.IterableNotificationHelper.createNotification(
        at com.iterable.iterableapi.IterableFirebaseMessagingService.handleMessageReceived(
        at com.iterable.iterableapi.IterableFirebaseMessagingService.onMessageReceived(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
        at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
        at Source:6)
D/IterableNotification:  💚 channel name: All notifications
D/IterableNotification:  💚 Creating notification: channelId = xxx channelName = All notifications channelDescription = 

Currently on Iterable version '3.2.2'

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pull request commentYalantis/uCrop

Implement color applying for scale and angle texts, fixing color appl…

Just noticed that due to this in version 2.2.5 we lose setActiveWidgetColor. I actually was using two different colours to have white as action icons, but our primary app colour for the controls e.g. the "scale" marker. To me, it was not at all a duplicate of setActiveControlsWidgetColor as our active colour is a bit too dark on the grey bottom area to use the same for both.

Could we please bring back the different colour option @Marina24 @p1nkydev? Should I create a new issue? Also, the documentation of setActiveControlsWidgetColor now is wrong as the default seems to be "orange" now instead of "white"?


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