Lobo fpvmorais @DevScope Braga, Portugal Full Stack BI Developer

fpvmorais/EzApi2016 9

Fork of EzApi adapted for SQL Server 2016

fpvmorais/ASWX1-FW-MOD 0

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Firmware Mod based on Marlin 2.0.x

fpvmorais/ASWX1-TFTFW-MOD 0

Artillery Sidewinder X1 TFT Firmware Mod

fpvmorais/blackburn 0

A Hugo theme built using Yahoo's Pure CSS

fpvmorais/dax-mode 0

dax-mode for emacs

fpvmorais/emacsism 0

A glimpse of divine editing experience with emacs!

fpvmorais/PQGoogleSpreadsheet 0

Power BI Query Editor Google Spreadsheet Custom Connector

fpvmorais/pyapacheatlas 0

A python package to help work with the apache atlas REST APIs

fpvmorais/qmk_firmware 0

keyboard controller firmware for Atmel AVR and ARM USB families

PR opened wjohnson/pyapacheatlas

Added Snowflake sample

Sample to obtain metadata from Snowflake objects

Highly based on the Redshift sample available on the repo

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Added Snowflake sample

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fork fpvmorais/pyapacheatlas

A python package to help work with the apache atlas REST APIs

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Pedro Morais

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Removed dead links to

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