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fmw/vix 92

Website-management software (CMS) written in Clojure.

fmw/alida 35

Crawling, scraping and indexing application written in Clojure.

fmw/clojure-lucene-demo 14

Lucene demo written in Clojure

fmw/clojure-blog-search 3

Example search implementation based on Alida

fmw/clj-fo 2

PDF generation for Clojure with XSL-FO and Apache FOP

fmw/clojure-blog-search-www 2

A simple search engine web application meant as example code for Alida

fmw/baza 1

Scraper written in Clojure using Enlive that publishes data to Google Calendar

fmw/camelot 1

A fast, nimble PDF generation and manipulation library

fmw/clojure-couchdb 1

Clojure library to interface with Apache CouchDB.

fmw/clutch 1

A Clojure library for Apache CouchDB.