finderseyes/upkit 3

Project and package manager for Unity

finderseyes/ansible-role-softether-server 0

Ansible role that install SoftEther VPN Server

finderseyes/barebones-masterserver 0

Master Server framework for Unity

finderseyes/console-logging 0

Usual console.log() can be switched on/off by setting logging level!

finderseyes/djongo 0

Django and MongoDB database connector

finderseyes/iso4217 0

Golang convenience library containing ISO 4217 currency codes

finderseyes/machinations 0

Machination language toolkit

finderseyes/openapi2proto 0

A tool for generating Protobuf v3 schemas and gRPC service definitions from OpenAPI specifications

finderseyes/piper 0

A function pipe generator.