Fidel Ramirez fidelram Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

theislab/scanpy 1062

Single-cell analysis in Python. Scales to >1M cells.

deeptools/deepTools 493

Tools to process and analyze deep sequencing data.

theislab/squidpy 132

Spatial Single Cell Analysis in Python

maxplanck-ie/rna-seq-qc 18

Rna-seq pipeline, From FASTQ to differential expression analysis...

fidelram/goatools 2

Python scripts to find enrichment of GO terms

fidelram/pyBigWig 1

A python extension for quick access to bigWig files

fidelram/bioconda-recipes 0

Conda recipes for the bioconda channel.

fidelram/cellxgene-gateway 0

Cellxgene Gateway allows you to use the Cellxgene Server provided by the Chan Zuckerberg Institute ( with multiple datasets.

fidelram/DBG2OLC 0

The genome assembler that reduces the computational time of human genome assembly from 400,000 CPU hours to 2,000 CPU hours, utilizing long erroneous 3GS sequencing reads and short accurate NGS sequencing reads.