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Francesco Facconi facconi Milano, Italy

facconi/sentry-redmine 15

Sentry integration for creating Redmine issues

facconi/django-page-cms 1

A fork of django-page-cms to develop new features before adding them to the main repository

facconi/django-pagination 1

A set of utilities for creating robust pagination tools throughout a django application.

facconi/django-postal 1

A django application for l10n of postal addresses

facconi/django-provinceitaliane 1

Automatically exported from

facconi/als2cue_web 0

Simple web app to extract Ableton Live markers from .als files and save them in a .cue file

facconi/BitBucket-api 0

Python library to interact with BitBucket REST API

facconi/blobkit 0

Automatically exported from

facconi/django-elastic-transcoder 0

Django + AWS Elastic Transcoder

facconi/django-parler 0

Easily translate "cheese omelet" into "omelette du fromage".


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