fabiensanglard/Another-World-Bytecode-Interpreter 734

"Fabother World" an interpreter for Another World (Out of this world).

fabiensanglard/chocolate_duke3D 550

chocolate Duke Nukem,3D

fabiensanglard/gebbdoom 477

Game Engine Black Book: Doom

fabiensanglard/gebbwolf3 341

Book about wolfenstein 3D

fabiensanglard/DoomFirePSX 214

Fire effect from Doom PSX/Nintendo64

fabiensanglard/dEngine 110

dEngine is an OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer, uber shader based with support for shadommap, specularmap and bumpmapping.

fabiensanglard/libRealSpace 82

Tools to parse and render Origin Systems RealSpace engine assets.

fabiensanglard/Doom3-for-MacOSX- 64

This is a release that will actually compile on Mac OS X Intel.

bentorkington/sf2ww 54

A clone of Street Fighter 2 World Warrior, written from scratch in C + OpenGL

issue commentbentorkington/sf2ww

Wrong animation label when crouch turn

You should send a pull request for your bug fix. As for adding disassembly to the repo, I don't think it would be legal.


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Fabien Sanglard

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Add auto-generated PNGs

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fork fabiensanglard/adpcm

Sound chip ADPCM codec library

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