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issue openedgradle/gradle

Gradle daemon binds to unavailable address

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Expected Behavior

Bind to the detected available address and IP version, send the correct information to clients.

Current Behavior

The daemon identified / as unreachable but /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 as an available loopback address. Then it logged that it is listening on and that is what will be sent to clients.

2020-09-16T16:21:41.348+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses] Adding IP addresses for network interface Software Loopback Interface 1
2020-09-16T16:21:41.352+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses] Is this a loopback interface? true
2020-09-16T16:21:42.294+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses] Ignoring unreachable local address on loopback interface /
2020-09-16T16:21:42.295+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.InetAddresses] Adding loopback address /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1
2020-09-16T16:21:42.752+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.TcpIncomingConnector] Listening on [e43ecb9d-8168-4589-992c-a3e2c7ff4014 port:53556, addresses:[localhost/]].
2020-09-16T16:21:42.758+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.Daemon] Daemon starting at: Wed Sep 16 16:21:42 CEST 2020, with address: [e43ecb9d-8168-4589-992c-a3e2c7ff4014 port:53556, addresses:[localhost/]]
2020-09-16T16:21:42.758+0200 [INFO] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.DaemonRegistryUpdater] Advertising the daemon address to the clients: [e43ecb9d-8168-4589-992c-a3e2c7ff4014 port:53556, addresses:[localhost/]]
2020-09-16T16:21:42.770+0200 [LIFECYCLE] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.Daemon] Daemon server started.
2020-09-16T16:21:42.771+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.bootstrap.DaemonStartupCommunication] Completed writing the daemon greeting. Closing streams...
2020-09-16T16:21:42.773+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.Daemon] stopOnExpiration() called on daemon
2020-09-16T16:21:42.774+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.Daemon] awaitExpiration() called on daemon
2020-09-16T16:21:42.774+0200 [DEBUG] [org.gradle.launcher.daemon.server.DaemonStateCoordinator] daemon is running. Sleeping until state changes.
2020-09-16T16:21:42.783+0200 [ERROR] [org.gradle.internal.remote.internal.inet.TcpIncomingConnector] Cannot accept connection from remote address /

Omitted the logs for all the other interfaces as I have a few, but all of them were identified correctly as not being loopback interfaces.


The daemon could not communicate with gradle so a new daemon was started and it is repeated in a loop until memory is exhausted. Gradle identifies the running daemons as busy.

Steps to Reproduce

I changed which of my network connection is shared via the mobile hotspot and that might have caused the loopback interface to not have the IPv4 address working correctly. Restart of Windows fixed the issue. The bug is that the daemon identified that the address is not working and still tried to communicate via it instead of using the IPv6 one.

Your Environment

Windows 10 Pro - 20H2 (19042.508), Amazon Corretto JDK 64bit


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