Eugeny Dementev eugeny-dementev Firefly Irkutsk, Russia

catbee/catbee 30

Catbee is foundation for isomorphic (universal) applications.

catbee/catbee-docs 1

Catbee official documentation website

catbee/catbee-web-components 1

Catbee document renderer based on w3c web components spec.

eugeny-dementev/appstate 1

Bare bone state manger based on Cerebral signals conception, and use Redux as state storage.

catbee/catbee-i18n 0

Catbee i18n service.

catbee/catbee-i18n-cli 0

Wrapper for PyBabel configured for extract translates

catbee/catbee-i18n-handlebars 0

Catbee i18n handlebars helpers.

catbee/catbee-link-spa 0

Catbee service that automatic add to <a> tag event listener with history api navigation handler

catbee/catbee-logger 0

Isomorphic logger based on winston.


started time in 2 months


started time in 3 months