esquevin/django-syncr 2

Data level synchronization for Django. Fork from

esquevin/django-paypal 1

A pluggable Django application for integrating PayPal Payments Standard or Payments Pro

esquevin/django-registration 1

Unofficial mirror of django-registration with templates!

esquevin/algoliasearch-client-js 0

Algolia Search API Client for Javascript

esquevin/dash 0

Simple, fast, and efficient cache library for Deno

esquevin/deno_types 0

A curated list for compatible NPM libraries and their definition files for its use with Deno

esquevin/djwt 0

the absolute minimum to make JSON Web Tokens in deno. Based on JWT and JWS specifications.

esquevin/gulp-webserver 0

Streaming gulp plugin to run a local webserver with LiveReload