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eSaude esaude Mozambique eHealth Mozambique

esaude/esaude-emr-poc 6

This project is an AngularJS application for point of care based on OpenMRS and using Bahmni code. The UI was designed for tablet-like interfaces with touch screen and virtual keyboard. A demo of the system can be found here.

esaude/esaude-platform-docker 3

Docker containers to set up the eSaude EMR Platform.

esaude/data-migration-system 2

A system to migrate from SQL-based databases into OpenMRS

esaude/esaude-html-forms 2

eSaude HTML Forms

esaude/blis 1

A working BLIS of branch 5.1 upgrade

esaude/epts-database-merge 1

Merge tool for EPTS

esaude/eptsreports-testing-scripts 1

EPTS reports testing scripts

esaude/esaude-iblis-prototype 1

A LIS prototype for low-level Lab facilities

esaude/esaude-ops 1

eSaude DevOps Scripts