Ereli Eran ereli-cb @carbonblack

carbonblack/docker-spark 3

Spark on docker for training

carbonblack/terraform-aws-wireguard 0

Terraform module to deploy WireGuard on AWS

ereli-cb/awscurl 0

Curl like simplicity to access AWS resources with AWS Signature Version 4 request signing.

ereli-cb/awsume 0

A utility for easily assuming AWS IAM roles from the command line.

ereli-cb/docker-spark-cluster 0

A simple spark standalone cluster for your testing environment purposses

ereli-cb/goversioninfo 0

Golang Microsoft Windows File Properties/Version Info and Icon Resource Generator

ereli-cb/kubernetes-failure-stories 0

Compilation of public failure/horror stories related to Kubernetes

ereli-cb/nginx-google-oauth 0

Lua module to add Google OAuth to nginx

ereli-cb/pg_repack 0

Reorganize tables in PostgreSQL databases with minimal locks