AlexisEidelman/medicam 7


eraviart/Biryani.jl 5

A conversion and validation toolbox

eraviart/Slugify.jl 2

A library that simplifies a text to an ASCII subset

john-min/ogp 2

OGP Hackathon

benjello/openfisca-france 1

French specific module for OpenFisca

eraviart/smelte 1

UI framework with material components built with Svelte and Tailwind CSS

aichane/e-story 0

Dataculture Project

benjello/openfisca-core 0

Core module of OpenFisca, with neither GUI nor countries-specific code & data

cbenz/biryani.js 0

DISCONTINUED! Experimentation around data conversion and validation using transducers

clemdherbe/openfisca-inheritance 0

Computes taxation rates of inheritance