Eno Thereska enothereska Principal Engineer at AWS.

enothereska/amazon-kinesis-data-analytics-java-examples 0

Example Java applications for Kinesis Data Analytics, demonstrating sources, sinks, and operators.

enothereska/aws-doc-sdk-examples 0

Welcome to the AWS Code Examples Repository. This repo contains code examples used in the AWS documentation, AWS SDK Developer Guides, and more. For more information, see the Readme.rst file below.

enothereska/aws-sdk-rust 0

AWS SDK for the Rust Programming Language

enothereska/beam 0

Apache Beam is a unified programming model for Batch and Streaming

enothereska/bookkeeper 0

Mirror of Apache Bookkeeper

enothereska/brooklin 0

An extensible distributed system for reliable nearline data streaming at scale

enothereska/calcite 0

Mirror of Apache Calcite

enothereska/chaperone 0

A Kafka audit system

enothereska/cruise-control 0

Cruise-control is the first of its kind to fully automate the dynamic workload rebalance and self-healing of a kafka cluster. It provides great value to Kafka users by simplifying the operation of Kafka clusters.

enothereska/distributedlog 0

A high performance replicated log service.

fork enothereska/pinot

Apache Pinot (Incubating) - A realtime distributed OLAP datastore

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commit sha f7bcfc532404a3cc949ab8634aabf84619947737

[Core] add scheduler_cpu_share_enabled (#16920)

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Eric Liang

commit sha e7350ff8282660bdd72250c1a553aebb51b20cf4

Fix flaky test_plasma_unlimited::test_fallback_allocation_failure (#17016) * fix * fix catch

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Tao Wang

commit sha 5b7e76770d0e3dbabd0a9bdd93823a3bd36c35b9

[Java] Use gcs client instead of redis client to get session dir (#16773) * Use gcs client instead of redis client to get session dir * fix compile and add comments * fix compile * lint * fix * lint * lint * Update src/ray/gcs/gcs_client/global_state_accessor.h Co-authored-by: Qing Wang <> * Update java/runtime/src/main/java/io/ray/runtime/ Co-authored-by: Qing Wang <> * per comment Co-authored-by: Qing Wang <>

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Ian Rodney

commit sha 9cb80fcf17d0c7c7ebfab949de296ec2c5817b98

[Client][Proxy] Handle Non-Default Redis Password (#16885)

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Tao Wang

commit sha 90187433b1cf852448d09d4df9583959d39140da

[Java] Remove redis dependency(jedis) in java lang layer (#17029)

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Sven Mika

commit sha e4123fff271b1a358712850ba07195a6fb02e8b0

[RLlib] Simplify multiagent config (automatically infer class/spaces/config). (#16565)

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Edward Oakes

commit sha f7759fa48491c813ae914b34cebaf3c4b03c17b4

[core] Add ray.util.list_actors() API (#16642)

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Kai Fricke

commit sha 3380b68b54ce2dbfe1d6f2b7a1cf98815774e32f

[RLlib] Issue 16683: Fix last infos dict (#16999).

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Kai Fricke

commit sha 27d80c4c8806da839292f374d503eab3703964e0

[RLlib] ONNX export for tensorflow (1.x) and torch (#16805)

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Amog Kamsetty

commit sha 38b5b6d24c47b72a60f1746f636ba287cc10bc16

Revert "[RLlib] Simplify multiagent config (automatically infer class/spaces/config). (#16565)" (#17036) This reverts commit e4123fff271b1a358712850ba07195a6fb02e8b0.

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Ian Rodney

commit sha fac6045c87aebadd85869c06827da33e07dcab8a

[GCP] Allow Head Node to Launch Workers with IAM Role (#17027)

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Antoine Galataud

commit sha 16f1011c072603ab3f0d3ff64be718049e5a777e

[RLlib] Issue 15910: APEX current learning rate not updated on local worker (#15911)

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Sven Mika

commit sha 1fd0eb805e49c937f4670cb436fdddec6a3c158f

[RLlib] Redo fix bug normalize vs unsquash actions (original PR made log-likelihood test flakey). (#17014)

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Grzegorz Bartyzel

commit sha d553d4da6cdacb1516a33d5744904d993e524c43

[RLlib] DQN (Rainbow): Fix torch noisy layer support and loss (#16716)

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Philipp Moritz

commit sha ac912f0ce1c9c88e06053cf8afe626f940204cd5

Allow using `breakpoint()` to drop into Ray debugger (#17025) * Set PYTHONBREAKPOINT * update tests * update * update docs * fix docs * skip ray functions * ok Signed-off-by: Richard Liaw <> * breakpoint() is only working in Python > 3.6 * add note Co-authored-by: Richard Liaw <>

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SangBin Cho

commit sha 63ebfe2f2d03f5787a7359c3231da0c6be20f35f

Revert back to ray.init (#17047)

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Sven Mika

commit sha ce6dfc9b2d96dc901b7a424e82ce6f9130ec0eb1

[RLlib] Update tf1.x vs tf2.x documentation and eager example script. (#17030)

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commit sha f1faa79a0428b5df9adc693d9350749674035db5

[Dashboard][event] Basic event module (#16985) * Basic event module * Fix comments * Set the SCAN_EVENT_DIR_INTERVAL_SECONDS defaults to 2 * Fix lint * Fix lint * Clean code * Try to fix flaky * Fix test * Disable event module by default * Make monitor events task cancellable * Fix error Co-authored-by: 刘宝 <>

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Chen Shen

commit sha 645d8fcaf04010d6d6f8ebb30367a01f47b4c3fd

[logging][rfc] add RAY_LOG_EVERY_N and RAY_LOG_EVERY_MS (#17018) * introduce log-every-n * add n * linter * add license

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Yi Cheng

commit sha dc0f948cb98a3f9f1005b6b02c564568adca3b39

[workflow] S3 support for workflow (#16993) * up * up * up * format * up * fix comment * up * update * update * move dep * bump pytest versin * use lazy_fixture explicitly * format

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