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endeepak/rspec-multi-mock 21

Allows multiple mock frameworks to be in action in RSpec (With no monkey patching on Rspec)

endeepak/ko-jasmine-tdd 3

Examples for TDD using jasmine for knockout models

endeepak/devise-neo4j 2

Devise ORM for Neo4j

endeepak/FactoryGirl.tmbundle 2

TextMate Bundle for Factory Girl

endeepak/neo4j 2

A Graph Database for JRuby. It uses the java lib neo4j as storage and lucene for quering/indexing

endeepak/neo4j-observers-example 2

Rails app to demo neo4j observers

endeepak/dotsnsquares 1

endeepak/flow-js 1

Javascript Library for Multi-step Asynchronous Logic

endeepak/hyper_active_record 1

Makes active record super awesome

endeepak/menu-search 1

List and Search menus nested under top level menus[In Alpha Stage]


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