Emmet emmettownsend @inrupt London

solid/node-solid-server 1642

Solid server on top of the file-system in NodeJS

solid/conformance-test-harness 4

Harness used to run Solid conformance tests and generate reports

inrupt/solid-common-vocab-js 2

A library providing JavaScript objects to represent the individual terms (i.e. the classes and properties) defined in RDF vocabularies.

emmettownsend/lit-pod 0

Library to persist RDF data to a Solid Pod

emmettownsend/process 0

A definition of the culture around how decisions are made about Solid and a record of how this has changed over time

emmettownsend/ 0

Website for

emmettownsend/specification 0

Primer and specification for Shape Trees

emmettownsend/specification-1 0

The Solid specifications

emmettownsend/TestABadName 0

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