emil2k/vend 36

A Swiss Army knife for vendoring your own Go packages.

emil2k/tab 13

A tool for generating table driven tests in Go.

emil2k/go-aes 2

LEARNING EXERCISE : Go implementation of the AES encryption standard.

emil2k/joltem 1

An open incubator -

emil2k/ansible-docker-registry 0

Ansible role for installing docker registry

emil2k/ansible-go 0

Ansible role that installs Go ( The latest stable release that has been compiled for x86 64-bit Linux systems is installed by default, and different platforms and versions are supported by modifying the role variables.

emil2k/ansible-mongodb 0

Ansible role which manage MongoDB

emil2k/aws-sdk-go 0

AWS SDK for the Go programming language.

emil2k/bluemonday 0

bluemonday: a fast golang HTML sanitizer (inspired by the OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer) to scrub user generated content of XSS

emil2k/elastic 0

Elasticsearch client for Go.