Mario Vejlupek elmariofredo @EmbedITCZ Prague Human, DevOps and stuff...

elmariofredo/brackets-shell 1

CEF3-based application shell for Brackets.

Cloud-Native-Thermostat/Guide 0

Cloud Native Thermostat

Container-Driven-Development/ansible-playbook-base 0

Base image for 🎁 ansible playbooks

Container-Driven-Development/ansible-playbook-example 0

Example playbook 🎁 in docker image

elmariofredo/active_admin 0

The administration framework for Ruby on Rails applications.

elmariofredo/Adafruit_CircuitPython_HTU21D 0

CircuitPython driver for Adafruit's HTU21D-F temperature and humidity sensor

elmariofredo/adjtimex-test 0

Test of function adjtimex

elmariofredo/alpine_webkit2png 0

A lean Alpine Linux Docker image with webkit2png + deps.


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fork sajattack/bl602-pac

Embedded Rust's Peripheral Access Crate for BL602 microcontrollers

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PR opened VictoriaMetrics/operator

In PrometheusConverter include ownerReferences in created objects

I've noticed that removing a PrometheusRule doesn't make the corresponding VMRule deleted immediately as I've expected. As it seemed easy to code (just adding some ownerReferences) I've decided to have some fun and add it myself. For consistency I've updated other converters as well. Apart from e2e tests I've deployed it on some 'real' cluster and tested PrometheusRule behaviour - worked as expected.

During tests I've encountered that issue with typo in prober discovery so I've fixed it as well.

Can such a feature be added? I haven't found any related information in documentation or discussion in issues (although I haven't searched a lot).

I'm not sure if this should be enabled by default. From my point of view it should, but I imagine it might break someone else's deployment (someone might, even unconsciously, rely on the fact that converted objects persist after original ones are removed). I can add some EnablePrometheusConverterOwnerReferences setting to the configuration and pass it down to converters.

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Nothing to see here. Please move along.

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fork brendandburns/unifi-parental

Quick and nasty time based parental controls for a Unifi based network

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fork todbot/MagTag_Gallery

Example project for Adafruit MagTag

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push eventsimevidas/browser-intents

Šime Vidas

commit sha 024d799a7c62b1cd43364da39c1cee3fdf3cbdaa

Add latest intents

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fork vfarcic/flux2

Open and extensible continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes. Powered by GitOps Toolkit.

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created repositoryElsewhen-School21/Get2Gether

A prototype of the Get2Gether app

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