eightypop/sc240scale 4

Lets you get data from a tanita sc240 scale via node.js

eightypop/Iceblast 2

Icecast client for Android

eightypop/laravel-resque-ex 1

Use resque with Laravel

eightypop/cleave.js 0

Format input text content when you are typing...

eightypop/cows 0

:cow: ASCII cows

eightypop/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

eightypop/enzyme-react-intl 0

A complimentary wrapper function for use with Enzyme, when testing React components that rely on react-intl

eightypop/furry-octo-bear 0

Ruby Exercise

eightypop/handlebars-template-loader 0

A Handlebars template loader for Webpack