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Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy. Avoid writing scripts or custom code to deploy and update your applications— automate in a language that approaches plain English, using SSH, with no agents to install on remote systems.

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Prometheus documentation: content and static site generator

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The main marketing and documentation site for Flyway by Boxfuse

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Free and open source log management

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A tool for dynamically using installapplication

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a demo repo for InstallApplications

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Managed software installation for macOS —

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Repository Management with Nexus

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A library for in-browser product-configuration


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fork damnhandy/aws-toolkit-jetbrains

AWS Toolkit for JetBrains - a plugin for interacting with AWS from JetBrains IDEs

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Thycotic Secret Server (Cloud)

We haven't yet tested the Secret Server scripts against Thycotic's cloud service. Did you try and run into any problems?


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Thycotic Secret Server (Cloud)


Has this been tested on Secret Server cloud?

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Adding sample for dynamic AWS inventory

Hi @wieshka,

many thx for your contribution, sounds like a very useful addition!

Could you please take a look at the other samples in this repository? All of them are published as .rdfe files (Royal Dynamic Folder Export files) which contain the scripts as well as metadata like a description, notes for getting the script running and, if required, custom properties. This way other users can also discover the scripts through our dynamic folder importer from within the app (File - Import - Dynamic Folder).

You can export dynamic folders as .rdfe files by control-clicking/right-clicking a dynamic folder in Royal TSX' navigation panel and selecting "Export…".

thx, felix


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Adding sample for dynamic AWS inventory

This sample will:

  • List all instances in the desired region;
  • Group them by selected Tag, in the particular example - by aws:cloudformation:stack-name - Tag automatically added for resources which are part of AWS CloudFormation stack, so, effectively, will group instances by Stack.
  • All instances without matching Tag will be added in separate group NotTagged
  • For connection to instance, support for EC2 Instance Connect is implemented based on mssh

Potentially to be added but not needed in my scenario:

  • CustomProperties for region, tag_name and perhaps for NotTagged toggle - to enable/disable grouping none-matching items;
  • Potentially getting rid of boto3 dependency, but then, I would prefer to see in Royal support for venv. Would be so awesome.
  • Some cleanup.

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Adding sample for dynamic AWS inventory

Adding sample script for discovering EC2 instances with boto3, grouping them by speciifed Tag based on its Value + connecting via EC2 Instance Connect rather regular SSH. More info on EC2 Instance Connect can be found here:

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