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Eduardo Fernández León efernandezleon CARTO Sevilla Director of Engineering at CARTO

efernandezleon/postmetheus 7

PostMetheus is a tool to continuously check an API described in a Postman collection and exporting the metrics via Prometheus

GeographicaGS/GeoLibs-Dator 5

GeoLibs Dator - A data extractor

intelliment/virgo-plan-generator 3

Maven plugin for Virgo PLAN files generator

efernandezleon/google-pubsub-test 1

This is a PoC of how to use Python 3+, AIOHTTP and Google Cloud Pub/Sub to forward messages from a subscription to a web client by using websockets

efernandezleon/atmosphere 0

Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets and Cross-Browser Fallbacks Support

efernandezleon/cqengine 0

Ultra-fast SQL-like queries on Java collections

efernandezleon/Docker-GDAL2 0

GDAL 2.x Docker images.

efernandezleon/java-jwt-osgi 0

All-in-one OSGi bundle for Java JWT where all third party libraries are embedded

efernandezleon/mininet 0

Emulator for rapid prototyping of Software Defined Networks

efernandezleon/moz-sql-parser 0

Let's make a SQL parser so we can provide a familiar interface to non-sql datastores!


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