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eeyun/chef-essentials-classroom 2

Development repo for pieces of the classroom build automation project

eeyun/bldr-resource 1

This is the test repository for the concourse bldr-resource for Habitat testing CI

chef-boneyard/this_week_in 0

This Week in tooling

chefconf-crc/artifactory 0

Chef Artifactory Cookbook

chefconf-crc/chef-artifactory-artifact 0

LWRP for artifacts on Artifactory

chefconf-crc/chef-golang 0

Installs go programming language

chefconf-crc/chef-prometheus 0

Chef cookbook for Prometheus. The open source service monitoring system and time-series database.

chefconf-crc/confd-cookbook 0

Application cookbook which installs and configures confd.

chefconf-crc/docker 0

Chef Cookbook for Docker

chefconf-crc/graphite 0

Heavy Water Graphite Cookbook for Chef

issue commentmaciejhirsz/ramhorns

How to use ramhorns with serde_json::Value?

Cool I just wanted to make sure. It would be a great feature. I may try to get something together for it but a bit underwater currently. Thanks for maintaining the project either way!


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issue commentmaciejhirsz/ramhorns

How to use ramhorns with serde_json::Value?

I think I might be hitting this as well.

But to make sure - there is no alternative means of using arbitary json (even if say, converted to some string type) with a template and ramhorns today, correct? I've been unsuccessful anyways.

If that is the case then I'm a huge :+1: on this feature request and I would be curious to know if there has been any progress on the feature!


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fork eeyun/juniper

GraphQL server library for Rust

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