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qooxdoo - Universal JavaScript Framework

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A sizzlin' hot selector engine.

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OpenUI5 lets you build enterprise-ready web applications, responsive to all devices, running on almost any browser of your choice

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issue closedSAP/openui5

walkthrough step 15, warning to use new asynchronous factory 'sap.ui.core.mvc.Controller.create(…)'

OpenUI5 version: 1.80.0

Browser/version (+device/version): Firefox 79.0 and Chrome 84.0.4147.105, both on Windows 10

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. download the demo app using the button
  2. fix the bootstrap path if still needed (see #2964 )
  3. run it and check the console

What is the expected result? no warnings in console

What happens instead? this warning is shown on console:

Do not use synchronous controller creation for controller 'sap.ui.demo.walkthrough.controller.HelloPanel'! Use the new asynchronous factory 'sap.ui.core.mvc.Controller.create(...)' instead. - sap.ui.controller

Any other information? (attach screenshot if possible)

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issue commentSAP/openui5

walkthrough step 15, warning to use new asynchronous factory 'sap.ui.core.mvc.Controller.create(…)'

Hi @AndreaBorgia-Abo, as you might have already seen, the recently introduced interface sap.ui.core.IAsyncContentCreation allows for the desired async behavior (also see #3112 which has meanwhile also been resolved). We've also updated the Walkthrough tutorial to benefit from this new best practice. As such, lets close this report as well. Thanks again for your input!


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issue commentSAP/openui5

UI5 Documentation Walkthrough

Info: consolidating with similar improvements, following-up on this internally via agile backlog, CPOUI5FOUNDATION-378


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