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Luis Faustino dublx Ireland

dublx/packer-terraform-docker-aws-test 32

Packer / Terraform AWS test to build a Docker host and deploy on a Terraform EC2 configuration on AWS.

nearform/nceubadge2018 9

NodeConf EU 2018 Badge code and hardware design files

dublx/nsq-view 5

View realtime NSQ messages in any topic from the comfort of your browser.

dublx/seneca-nsq-transport 5

Seneca micro-services message transport over

dublx/Level3MediaPortalAPI 3

Leverage the Level 3 Communication Media Portal API

dublx/config-etcd 1

A Node.Js Etcd bound config module

dublx/hapi-session-redis 1

Testing Hapi.js session in redis

dublx/node-ftplastmod 1

A simple means to get a FTP file last modified time.

dublx/nsq-nodejs-demo 1

Demo of in Node.js and Shell

dublx/angular-bootstrap-nav-tree 0

An AngularJS directive that creates a Tree based on a Bootstrap "nav" list.