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drzix/hc-zenburn-vscode 5

🌘An Higher Contrast Version of the Popular Zenburn Theme for Visual Studio Code

drzix/z-Chrome 2

Use Chrome efficiently and hail to Doctor Z

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2017년도 2학기 인하대 컴퓨터기반선형대수 실습과제 1 (Reduce row echelon form)

drzix/Practice__R 1

2018학년도 1학기 인하대 통계소프트웨어및실습 과제 정리

drzix/AES-128bit 0

Simple C code of AES 128bit Encyption or decryption algorithm

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drzix/Homework__Compiler-1 0

2019학년도 1학기 인하대 컴파일러 실습과제1 (infix2postfix)

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Extension has no LICENSE

Please choose an open source license for your project.

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Extension has no LICENSE

As bbastov had added GPL3.0 for his repo, I added the same one. Thanks for your pointing out.

If you have another problem about this issue, please feel free to reopen.


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Kyeongmin Cho

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license: add license (#4) Signed-off-by: Kyeongmin Cho <>

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coq proof color

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Consider giving different colors for different declarations

Thanks again!


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Suggestion: don't color variable declarations differently

Hi, Aleksey. Thanks for your detailed suggestion :)

This theme was originally meant to replicate the Emacs one. So I wasn't very suspicious of the way it displays color. However, I noticed the need to modify this theme in moderation as your suggestions seemed sufficiently convincing. I'll apply it in the next patch.


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