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dakrone/clj-http 1610

An idiomatic clojure http client wrapping the apache client. Offically supported version.

drewr/clojure-py 87

A implementation of Clojure in pure (dynamic) Python

drewr/copycat 50

_cat companion

drewr/clot 7

Clojure IRC client/bot

drewr/cmdline 3

A Python module for creating robust command-line scripts

drewr/arrows 1

A library for creating arrows in Clojure

drewr/azureblob 1

Please get my blobs on azure

drewr/bulky 1

ES bulk utility

drewr/cascalog 1

Clojure-based query language for Hadoop inspired by Datalog.

drewr/cheshire 1

Clojure JSON and JSON SMILE (binary json format) encoding/decoding

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Drew Raines

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issue openedelastic/terraform-provider-ec

Support docker_image overrides for Cloud-First Testing


Many users in Elastic make heavy use of this provider to instrument Elastic Cloud. Some of those users are taking advantage of features developed in Cloud-First Testing (elastic/dev#1502). One of the main features is the docker_image override field as part of the create deployment API.

This is an internal feature. I'm not sure how we would want to handle that.

Possible Implementation

I assume that whatever Terraform resource controls the resources in the API could mostly add a field there. I've never written a provider before though. Here's an example of it in use (as part of the CFT guide).


Successful creation of a deployment is probably sufficient.


The @elastic/observablt-robots team is the primary customer here, though others will likely benefit. @cachedout and others can add their thoughts.

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