Drew Nichols drewnichols LiftForward Portland, OR VP of Engineering for LiftForward

drewnichols/ember-cli-copyright 1

Revolutionary ember-cli addon allowing users to never update their site footer copyright date again.

drewnichols/Amethyst 0

Automatic tiling window manager for OS X à la xmonad and i3.

drewnichols/api-blueprint 0

API Blueprint

drewnichols/dotfiles 0

this is my dotfile project. there are many like it but this one is mine.

drewnichols/dotfiles-old 0

my dotfiles

drewnichols/ember-cli-cascading-partial 0

ember-cli helper to replace partial which dynamically selects which template to import based on a provided key

drewnichols/ember-cli-hellosign 0

HelloSign for Ember

drewnichols/ember-cli-simple-auth 0

The Ember Simple Auth base library packaged as an Ember CLI Addon

drewnichols/ember-composable-helpers 0

Composable helpers for functional templating in Ember