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Damien dpDesignz dpDesignz Hamilton, New Zealand

dpDesignz/plex-export-responsive-skin 3

A responsive skin for use the with Plex-Export script from Dachande663

dpDesignz/ezsql 1

PHP class to make interacting with a database ridiculusly easy

dpDesignz/cornerstone 0

Cornerstone PHP Login Framework

dpDesignz/dpdesignz 0

About me

dpDesignz/Learning-JavaScript30 0

Doing JavaScript 30 with @wesbos. Course completed Feb 5th 2021

dpDesignz/Learning-Typescript 0

My journey learning typescript following the "TypeScript Course for Beginners 2020" by Academind on Youtube (

dpDesignz/Learning-Vue-JS 0

Learning Vue JS with Maximilian Schwarzmuller

dpDesignz/thmsgbrt 0

My awesome


started time in 15 days


started time in 15 days


started time in 3 months