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doveccl/QQU 39

Prevent Mac QQ from revoking messages

doveccl/Ingress-Intel-Bot 12

An auto-reply bot for ingress intel based on ingrex_lib

doveccl/DOJ 3

Doveccl Online Judge

doveccl/MACloud 2

BaiduYun Client for Mac OS

doveccl/QBot 1

QBot, auto-reply bot plugin for CoolQ based on node-coolq

doveccl/ace 0

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor)

doveccl/DBLOG 0

Simple theme for Jekyll

doveccl/DCrypto 0

Simple string crypto library

doveccl/MIPS-CPU 0

MIPS CPU implemented in Verilog

fork felixonmars/QLivePlayer

A cute and useful Live Stream Player with danmaku support.

fork in 4 hours

fork felixonmars/py-ethpm

This library is deprecated. ethPM python tooling is now located in

fork in 2 days


fork felixonmars/arch-web

Arch Linux official and AUR web interface binding

fork in 6 days

fork felixonmars/scalameta

Library to read, analyze, transform and generate Scala programs

fork in 8 days

fork felixonmars/go.zipexe

Package zipexe attempts to open an executable binary file as a zip file.

fork in 12 days

fork felixonmars/BaiduPCS-Go-1


fork in 12 days


started time in 12 days

fork erjiaqing/ot-br-posix

OpenThread Border Router, a Thread border router for POSIX-based platforms.

fork in 13 days

created repositoryfelixonmars/telegramirc

Telegram as your IRC client

created time in 14 days

fork felixonmars/celery

Distributed Task Queue (development branch)

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fork felixonmars/aresponses

Asyncio http mocking. Similar to the responses library used for 'requests'

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fork felixonmars/uvloop

Ultra fast asyncio event loop.

fork in 14 days

fork felixonmars/aioredis

asyncio (PEP 3156) Redis support

fork in 14 days

fork felixonmars/aiogram

Is a pretty simple and fully asynchronous framework for Telegram Bot API written in Python 3.7 with asyncio and aiohttp.

fork in 14 days

fork felixonmars/augur

Pipeline components for real-time phylodynamic analysis

fork in 18 days

fork felixonmars/dde-store

An app store for DDE built with DTK

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started time in 21 days

fork samhjn/spdk

Storage Performance Development Kit

fork in 21 days

fork felixonmars/buttplug-rs

Rust Implementation of the Buttplug Sex Toy Control Protocol

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started time in a month

fork felixonmars/algernon

:tophat: Small self-contained pure-Go web server with Lua, Markdown, HTTP/2, QUIC, Redis and PostgreSQL support

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fork felixonmars/sample-media-qmlvideo

Simple demo for displaying video in QML with hardware acceleration on webOS TVs

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fork felixonmars/cyber-workspace

System backend and start session and more.

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