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Dmitry Avershin dmitraver Munich, Germany

dmitraver/scala-play-thymeleaf-plugin 17

Thymeleaf template engine plugin for Play(Scala) framework

dmitraver/quikka 11

An implementation of Google QUIC transport layer protocol for the Akka toolkit.

dmitraver/akka 0

Akka Project

dmitraver/akka-http 0

The Streaming-first HTTP server/module of Akka

dmitraver/akka-playground 0

Repository to test different akka features

dmitraver/akka-raft 0

An akka-cluster ready implementation of the raft consesus alg

dmitraver/aws-sdk-java-v2 0

The official AWS SDK for Java - Version 2

dmitraver/birch 0

Key-value database based on SST tables.