dlebu/extract-opts 0

Extract the options and callback from a function's arguments easily

dlebu/taco-simulate 0

Module to support Cordova plugin simulation in TACO CLI.

dlebu/taco-simulate-server 0

Server module for Cordova plugin simulation in TACO CLI.

dlebu/vscode 0

Visual Studio Code

dlebu/vscode-chrome-debug-core 0

A library for implementing VS Code debug adapters for targets that implement the Chrome Debugging Protocol.

dlebu/vscode-debugadapter-node 0

Debug adapter protocol and implementation for VS Code.

dlebu/vscode-extension-samples 0

Sample code illustrating the VS Code extension API.

dlebu/vscode-mock-debug 0

Starter sample for developing debug adapters for VSCode.

dlebu/vscode-vsce 0

VSCode Extension Manager