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dkopitsa/ctypescrypto 1

Python interface to some openssl function based on ctypes module

dkopitsa/django-shop 1

A Django based shop system

dkopitsa/feedback.js 1

Feedback form with screenshot

dkopitsa/angular-file-upload 0

Angular File Upload is a module for the AngularJS framework

dkopitsa/angular-model-factory 0

angular-model-factory makes working with RESTful APIs in AngularJS easy!

dkopitsa/angular-websocket 0

The missing Angular WebSocket module for connecting client applications to servers by @AngularClass

dkopitsa/channels-examples 0

Example projects using Django Channels

dkopitsa/cryptography 0

cryptography is a package designed to expose cryptographic primitives and recipes to Python developers.

dkopitsa/django-angular 0

Let AngularJS play well with Django


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push eventdkopitsa/django-permission

Denis Kopitsa

commit sha 0319ea3bf0993ca1bd7232e4d60c4b8ec635787d

Fix deprecation warning Iterable should be imported from

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fork dkopitsa/django-permission

An enhanced permission system which support object permission in Django

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