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Joe Lutz dizlexik Hoffman Estates, IL

dizlexik/express-reverse 25

Express helper for generating reverse route URLs.

dizlexik/alpine-traefik 0

This image is the traefik base. It comes from rawmind/alpine-monit.

dizlexik/angular-validation 0

Customizing Form Valid Message in AngularJS

dizlexik/ant-design 0

🌈 A UI Design Language

dizlexik/app-module-path-node 0

Simple module to add additional directories to the Node module search for top-level app modules

dizlexik/async-to-gen 0

⌛ Use async functions in your JavaScript today with speed and simplicity.

dizlexik/axios 0

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

dizlexik/ 0

dizlexik/Docs 0

These are the markdown sources for all the platform guides of Parse.

dizlexik/graphql-js 0

A reference implementation of GraphQL for JavaScript

fork dizlexik/jest

Delightful JavaScript Testing.

fork in 5 hours