Dinesh Nadimpalli dineshnadimpalli Enquero Global India Hyderabad, India Developer👨🏻‍💻 by Profession. Working on JavaScript. Experienced in developing Web and Mobile apps. Learning Blockchain development and trying to build DApps

dineshnadimpalli/MyPortfolio 5

A portfolio website for Software Developer's👨🏻‍💻using React to showcase about ones projects, work and social contacts

dineshnadimpalli/JSfaceDetection 4

A simple web app to detect the facial expressions, face landmark tracking using face-api.js

dineshnadimpalli/dineshnadimpalli 2

A repo to customize your GitHub profile view allowing you to add cool stuff to your profile page

dineshnadimpalli/DS-Algo-in-JS 2

A set of common algo patterns and DS using JS

dineshnadimpalli/Basic-Interview-Questions 1

Basic Interview Questions in Java

dineshnadimpalli/NodeJS-Zoom-Clone 1

A NodeJS based Zoom web app clone with features such as room creation, voice controls, video controls and chat room

dineshnadimpalli/covid19india-react 0

📊 Source code of the main website

dineshnadimpalli/cron_githubJobs 0

A Javascript based web app to show the list of jobs posted on Github using Redis, React and NodeJS with Express

dineshnadimpalli/CTCI 0

My Solutions of the Cracking The Coding Interview in java