deanm/omggif 500

JavaScript implementation of a GIF 89a encoder and decoder

deanm/plask 430

Plask is a multimedia programming environment.

deanm/omgosc 37

An OSC implementation for Plask / NodeJS

deanm/css-color-parser-js 26

JavaScript parser for CSS color strings

deanm/omgcanvas 16

<canvas> implementation on top of Plask / Skia.

deanm/graphycalculator 11

Calculator parser and evaulator

deanm/lcd 7

Lazy change directory, quicker navigation of directory by mapping them to short names.

deanm/lvd 5

List view desktop allows you to display the files on your Windows desktop as a columned list.

deanm/omgobj 5

OBJ file loader for Plask / NodeJS