Dan Kaplun dbkaplun Writes regex without looking it up. @nodejs, @servo, @twbs, three.js committer. :cowboy_hat_face:

chjj/blessed 9463

A high-level terminal interface library for node.js.

dbkaplun/driftless 50

Driftless setInterval and setTimeout replacement for Node and the browser

dbkaplun/github-markdown-outline-extension 36

Displays a clickable outline/table of contents of all topic headers for markdown documents on Github

dbkaplun/allrgb 34

Generates an image with every RGB color exactly once

dbkaplun/euclidean-rhythm 30

Euclidean rhythms in JS

dbkaplun/fse-made-easy 21

Runnable pseudocode for Finite State Entropy compression

dbkaplun/hipshort 10

Hipster URL shortener

dbkaplun/domscii 8

Convert arbitrary DOM elements to ASCII

dbkaplun/autobot 6

Self-building websites

dbkaplun/atom-tabs-in-sidebar 5

Turns Atom's tab bar into a vertical list above the tree view