David Windell davidwindell @outeredge UK MD of Magento agency @outeredge. Passionate about DevOps

davidwindell/DoctrineModule 1

Zend Framework 2 Module for Doctrine

davidwindell/authorizedkeys 0

Adds a user public SSH key to the host's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys via docker container

davidwindell/che 0

Eclipse Che: Next-generation Eclipse IDE. Open source workspace server and cloud IDE.

davidwindell/clearpay-magento-2 0

Official Clearpay Extension for Magento 2

davidwindell/ClosureCompilerPHP 0

The Closure Compiler compiles JavaScript into compact, high-performance code

davidwindell/coding-standard 0

Magento PHP_CodeSniffer Coding Standard

davidwindell/docker-gitlab 0

Dockerized gitlab web server

davidwindell/docker-phpmyadmin-1 0

phpMyAdmin as Docker container, based on official image, always latest version

davidwindell/docs 0

documentation for the Drone Continuous Integration project

fork minlare/react-gtm

React Google Tag Manager

fork in 11 days

PR opened outeredge/edge-docker-magento

Vseager 2.4.1
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create barnchouteredge/edge-docker-magento

branch : vseager-2.4.1

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PR opened outeredge/magento-base-module

Fix errors generated by XML

Add the admin_login.xml to move the footer container that has the logo on login page.

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create barnchouteredge/magento-base-module

branch : beni/logo-footer

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created tagouteredge/magento-auto-update-cart-item-qty-module


Refresh the cart automatically on quantity change

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Sam Turner

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add composer.json

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Refresh the cart automatically on quantity change

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