davidkhess/ag-grid-vue-example 0

Example of using ag-Grid with Vue

davidkhess/cpython 0

The Python programming language

davidkhess/dictalchemy 0

Adds asdict() and fromdict() to SQLAlchemy declarative models

davidkhess/fabricate 0

The better build tool. Finds dependencies automatically for any language.

davidkhess/JWTConnect-Python-OidcMsg 0

Implementation of OIDC protocol messages

davidkhess/JWTConnect-Python-OidcRP 0

Highlevel interface to the OIDC RP library

davidkhess/Objective-J-Pygments-Lexer 0

This is an implementation of a Pygments Lexer for the Objective-J language used in Cappuccino.

davidkhess/rauth 0

A Python library for OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly.

davidkhess/SlickGrid 0

A lightning fast JavaScript grid/spreadsheet

davidkhess/ 0

📄 The official documentation site for Vue.js.