davidblewett/rure-python 68

Python wrapper of the RuRe.

cdw9/isaw.theme 3

Theme for ISAW

davidblewett/flak 2

Bullet-proof music metadata management

davidblewett/gunny 2

Gunny is the control package for the Reveille music protocol.

davidblewett/dulwich 1

Pure-Python Git implementation

davidblewett/Flexget 1

This is a maintained copy of the official flexget svn repository

davidblewett/karlserve 1

Easy deployment of multiple Karl instances.

davidblewett/masterticketsplugin 1

The MasterTicketsPlugin for trac with patches not in SVN yet

davidblewett/pyramid_formish 1

Bindings to the Formish form generation library for the Pyramid web framework.


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issue commentdavidblewett/rure-python

Adding python types

@sbdchd I'm actually not opposed to increasing the minimum Python version. I'm on the fence wrt mypy. I'm not using this library at work anymore, so haven't spent much time maintaining it. It's perfectly functional, but I don't have the cycles to do tasks like this. If you want to prepare a PR, I'll be happy to review it.


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