phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push 1989

Register and receive push notifications

phonegap/phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner 1227

cross-platform BarcodeScanner for Cordova / PhoneGap

daserge/ddata 0

handlebars helpers for working with the documentation data output by jsdoc-parse

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Document with markdown..

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This is a plugin used for Cordova plugin docs generation template.

daserge/jsdoc-parse 0

parses jsdoc documentation from javascript or html files, outputs JSON

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Markdown API documentation generator

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MonoDevelop is a cross platform .NET IDE

issue closedapache/cordova-discuss

cordova-android 6.0.0 (installed by cordova-cli 6.4.0) drops result with u2028/u2029

Similar to Apache Cordova CB-9435 (cordova-ios) (will not be fixed, also an issue on macOS ["osx"]): after upgrading to Cordova CLI 6.4.0 (which seems to use cordova-android@6.0.0) my sqlite plugin cannot return results with u2028 (line separator) or u2029 (paragraph separator) characters.

I don't expect this to be an issue on Windows since Cordova does not seem to use JSON on that platform. (I will test and confirm when I get a chance.) UPDATE: Confirming this is NOT an issue on the Windows platform. I am not sure about the deprecated wp8 platform.

I will understand if this is not fixed for Android or iOS but would like to see this limitation documented. I will raise this on Apache Cordova JIRA and contribute this when I get a chance.

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cordova-android 6.0.0 (installed by cordova-cli 6.4.0) drops result with u2028/u2029

I'm closing this stale issue, I bet this already has been solved.


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