Benjamin Podszun darklajid Singapore

darklajid/ansible-communication 59

Ansible playbook for my self-hosted communication infrastructure

darklajid/freebsd-ports 1

My FreeBSD ports, most of which should end up upstream at one point or another

darklajid/LearningClojure 1

Trying to learn clojure using Project Euler and 4Clojure

darklajid/Score4 1

AI: Implementing Score4 (Connect four) in functional and imperative languages

darklajid/tempalias 1

Generate temporary mail aliases for throwaway purposes. This is the full code behind the web service

darklajid/Adafruit-GPS-Library 0

An interrupt-based GPS library for no-parsing-required use

darklajid/AhoCorasickDoubleArrayTrie 0

Very fast C# implementation of Aho Corasick algorithm based on Double Array Trie.

darklajid/awesome-fable 0

A curated list of useful Fable tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome list. Feel free to contribute.

darklajid/clojure-intro-workshop 0

Our "getting to know clojure" workshop.