dareal68/Pronto 1

Links freedesktop notifications to iOS app prowl.

dareal68/FlipStatus 0

A watch app for Pebble (with Smartwatch+)

dareal68/Jarvis-MK-II 0

Iron Man Pebble watch face (only works with Smartwatch+ AppStore version)

dareal68/pebble-commander 0

A remote app for the Pebble smartwatch. Includes server app+pebble app.

dareal68/pebblekit 0

Pebble's app development toolkit for the Pebble smartwatch, Android and iOS

dareal68/PhoneStatus 0

First Pebble app

dareal68/SmartStatus 0

SmartStatus watchapp for the Smartwatch+ Pebble application

dareal68/SmartStatus-AppStore 0

App Store version of the SmartStatus watch app for Smartwatch+

dareal68/yalu102 0

incomplete iOS 10.2 jailbreak for 64 bit devices by qwertyoruiopz and marcograssi